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Tired of Your Old, Dated Cabinets?

Update the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen With:

  • Cabinet Painting
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Custom Additions

Cabinet Painting


Change the color of your cabinets with industrial, cabinet finishes.  Give your existing cabinets an updated look without the time and expense of a full remodel.

Cabinet Refacing

Replace your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new, custom made ones.  And then paint the new doors, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes.

Custom Additions

  • Add custom built cabinets that match your existing cabinets.*
  • Add pull out drawers to your cabinets.  
  • Add Trim, Crown, etc.

I thought that I would never paint cabinets again, until...

After painting cabinets 20 years ago (using a really good, and expensive paint from a local paint storeI was disappointed at how this expensive paint didn’t hold up on these cabinets.  

It looked fantastic when I was done.  But they didn’t hold up well to daily use.

And these were my grandmother’s cabinets.  She wasn’t even that hard on them.  But the paint was failing around the knobs 1-2 years later.  I was frustrated at the lack of durability from this paint.

I felt embarrassed and never wanted to paint cabinets again!

Until we decided to move our family to West Virginia and I learned about professional cabinet finishes….  not paint.

If you are familiar with two-part epoxies, then you can easily think of theses industrial cabinet finishes like a type of colored epoxy.  

They have great adhesion (how well it sticks to the cabinet surface) and great durability (how well it holds up to daily use).

In my opinion these finishes are as good, and in many cases better than the finishes you get on new cabinets from the store.

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What Others Have Said

“I highly recommend this company and their employees! The finish on my cabinets looks and feels like a factory paint job!! I got a high end look without the price tag!”

“Excellent job well done! Our cabinets got a new facelift with a paint refinish, doors, and drawers! Our kitchen looks and feels brand new! Thank you so much!!! Highly recommended!”

Turned out great – As with all jobs I get involved in there are hick-ups. Tom and his team stuck with it and produced a top notch job. I give two thumbs up to the professionalism and their dedication to making this job turn our right.

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