Your Estimate Request Has Been Received

While you are waiting for us to contact you (it might take up to one business day), we are sending you a confirmation email about the estimate request. 

In this email we will be sharing a quick little trick to confirm that you have picked the right color for your cabinets.

Please do not skip this step.  

I have had a few customers skip this step and once we are done spraying their kitchen (and then remove all of the masking) they realize that they might have picked the wrong color.  

And it costs them time and money to fix it.  We have to re-mask everything, buy more finishes in the new color and then re-spray everything.  

Or they have to live with a color that they are not too happy with.  

Please just take the time and follow this simple process, even if you choose not to work with us.  

I am giving this piece of advice away for free just so that you get the look you want for your cabinets.

I look forward to working with you.


Tom Gibson, Owner
WV Cabinet Makeover
Gibson Wood Refinishing


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